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WHEN: Thursday, May 13th
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Conservation in Colorado

Colorado is part of the Central and Pacific Flyways and provides important nesting and migration habitat for waterfowl that are produced there and in the Prairie Pothole Region.

The eastern plains of Colorado, particularly the South Platte River corridor, are a prime example of the state's top-quality migration habitat. Under the Platte River Initiative Ducks Unlimited’s efforts in this region focus on restoring and protecting shallow wetland habitats along river corridors. These key stop-over sites provide much-needed foraging and loafing areas for migrating birds, as well as wintering habitat for such important species as mallard and Canada geese.

Ducks Unlimited is also focusing its restoration and protection work on key areas across the Rocky Mountain range that contain the highest quality wetland habitats and concentrations of waterfowl.

Wetlands in the San Luis Valley and North Park provide critical migration and wintering stopover points for Central and Pacific flyway ducks, sandhill cranes, water birds and shorebirds. The area is also among the most productive breeding habitats in North America for numerous duck and colonial wading bird species.

Your support of DU will help us work in Colorado.  Colorado land conservation strategies

The Fort Collins Chapter was proud to be selected as a
"Top 100" chapter in 2014

Wetlands are vital to all of us, yet every 10 minutes another acre of wetlands is drained. That’s one less acre for ducks and geese to enjoy, one less acre for our children to stomp through, and one less acre to help filter our ever-dwindling water supplies.

Colorado Conservation Projects