Volunteers Helping Ducks Unlimited

Future meetings will be held to promote the interaction of our Volunteers in a relaxed setting. We hope to make these events a fun occasion with the expectation that they will lead to an increase in the number of Volunteers, the increased success of our Chapter in future events, and the overall improvement of our contributions to Ducks Unlimited.

If you wish to attend these meetings and/or volunteer to assist Fort Collins Ducks Unlimited in our fundraising programs, email one of our Volunteers on the contacts page at fortcollinsdu.org We welcome all help and understand that everyone has a different level of participation, but your contributions will help and are very much appreciated.

Recent population estimates reveal that the population levels of many species of ducks are above the long-term average. Some of the reasons include the CRP farmland that has been temporarily converted from farming to grasslands. Recently, this was more than 5 million acres in the Prairie Pothole region of the Dakotas. Ducks Unlimited has also been purchasing easements in the pothole regions that will ultimately prevent the destruction of nesting grounds during critical nesting times. There are a significant number of farmers waiting to put their land into easements, and as funds are available these easements will continue to be purchased. Local DU events are paramount to our success in raising these needed funds.

For more information on CRP, see:
Click here: Conservation Reserve Program


Our major emphasis is in pre-selling tickets to our events. This makes for better planning and helps avoid cost overruns. We encourage all Volunteers to create a list of people to whom they can pre-sell tickets. We expect to minimize costs and increase attendance at each event.

We are striving to meet our full potential as a volunteer organization. As such we are seeking motivated individuals to join our team. If you are, or know of anyone who may be, interested in being part of a highly respected organization please contact one of our Volunteers listed on our website.

We would not be successful without a great group of Volunteers or without the support we receive from local businesses and our dedicated sponsors.

Current Board Members

Pete Eckes (970) 889-3287
Shane Belcher (970) 690-0127

Committee Members

Ron Budzitowski
Thomas Burns
David Diekmann
Kyanna Gibson
Brad Hedger
Stuart Hopper
Eric Huff
Katelyn McCoy
John Potyondy
Win Shero
Travis Stegeman
Jeff Truman